Hærvejen – den naturlige smag

Disse øl kan købes i en specialbutik i bryggeriets lokalområde.

Little Devil

Not everything is as it seems. The little devil may look dark on the outside, but it contains a smooth and tasteful experience. Walnuts used to be a favorite dish to the gods, but fallen on the ground, anyone can reach them – even the little devil.

Enjoy this elegant, dark brown ale with its tender, soft foam.

50 cl. Alk.: 5,2 Vol svarer til 1,7 genstande

Fallen Angel

No one can tell you when you get struck, so be aware of a fallen angel. It tempts, and far worse, it gets you addicted. Sweet and light, it seduces you, and before you know it, you are lost. Once tasted, you will wish for one more, so be careful what you wish for.

50 cl. Alk.: 5,0 Vol. svarer til 1,6 genstande

Devil’s Tears

Seduced by the Devil

Rumour has it that as the devil tasted this beer, tears rolled down his chin and into the beer. Ever since, this beer has been seductive, and many a man has experienced devilish tears when they fall in love with this dark, tasty stout. Drink at own risk, and don’t say you weren’t warned.

50 cl. Alk.: 5,2 Vol. Svarer til 1,7 genstande.

Hell Hound

A devils beast friend. The Hell Hound can be tough on you, if not respected for its strength and demands, so enjoy with caution or it will bite you. This genuine dark ale with a smooth and fruity nose is perfect with a bloody steak or a strong stew.

50 cl. Alk. 7,3% Indholdet svarer til 2,4 genstande.